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For the past decade, John Crye has been the creative voice behind Newmarket Films, overseeing the acquisition and development of such films as MEMENTO, DONNIE DARKO, WHALE RIDER, THE PRESTIGE and STARK RAVING MAD, the first feature film on which Crye would collaborate with Daywalt, Schneider, and Hungerford. Though an experienced actor and writer, with Fewdio, Crye has added director and producer to his resume.



Paul Hungerford has been a working actor in Hollywood for almost 15 years. His film and TV credits include Dirty Sexy Money, Happy Holidays, Without a Trace and the award winning Hate* (*A Comedy.) He has been performing live comedy for almost 20 years and his list of comedy troupes are too extensive to list here. Paul Hungerford lives in Los Angeles with his new daughter, supportive wife and old dog.



Writer/Director/Editor David Schneider brings his years of varied film production experience to Fewdio. From conceiving films, to art directing, to writing and directing, to editing, there is little in the world of film that David hasn't at least touched. His feature directorial debut, STARK RAVING MAD, co-written and co-directed with Drew Daywalt, remains a cult favorite. Other scripts written by David have been purchased by entities as diverse as Jerry Bruckheimer and The Arts & Entertainment Channel. As a video editor, he's cut everything from music videos, concerts, corporate virals, educational videos, to short films.



Todd entered the film industry after a decade of managing bands and owning an independent record label.  Transitioning his artist management to writers and directors, Todd eventually co-created Insight, a management and production entity with clients working at every major studio and television network.  Coupling this with his experience running Arthur Sarkissian's (RUSH HOUR franchise) production company, Todd's focus has once again transitioned into producing.  As well as providing a wealth of experience and know-how to Fewdio, Todd also has a variety of feature, television, comic and video game projects set up.



Kirk is a classically trained actor and has the distinction of being “a true chameleon,” with over 30 on-stage performances and more than 100 film and television credits, including star turns in the indie features LIKE DANDELION DUST, MIDNIGHT CLEAR, HOMETOWN LEGEND, URBAN JUSTICE, THE LUCKY ONES and THE LEAST OF THESE. His work in A.I. lead to a substantial offer by the man himself, Steven Spielberg, in his film MINORITY REPORT. His other studio films include SWORDFISH opposite Don Cheadle, FLIGHTPLAN opposite Sean Bean and Jodie Foster, Wolfgang Petersen’s POSEIDON, Clint Eastwood's FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS, and RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION. On television he's played recurring characters on THE UNIT, E-RING, OVER THERE, CHARMED, STRONG MEDICINE, THE X-FILES and NYPD BLUE. And has guest starred on such hit shows as BONES, 24, CRIMINAL MINDS, NCIS, ER, CSI: MIAMI, BOSTON LEGAL, CSI and GHOST WHISPERER.

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